We bring you Adeptile with a mission to make learning fun through motivation, collaboration, and awesome content. Rooted in the ABC of Motivation - Autonomy, Belongingness, and Competency - we wanted to create a platform that allowed you and your kids to have fun, shake off the stress, and reclaim your mental and physical fitness. To us, bollywood dancing embodied all of that - a form of exercise that not only allows you to express yourself but also immerse yourself in the drama, and ‘nakhras’ of bollywood. Not forgetting your need to socialize and motivate yourself, we wanted to bring you classes live so that you could build a new community connected through dancing. We hope you enjoy the classes and take this journey with us.


Aditya Chand

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Sushmeena Parihar

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Nibha Parihar


Chandrima Biswas

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Soumil Panwar