I, hereby agree to the following:

I, as the adult parent or guardian of a minor child under the age of eighteen years participating in the Bollywood Dance Class offered by Adeptile, Inc. In consideration of being allowed to participate in such activities, I do forever waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Adeptile, Inc (“Company”), its owners, officers, employees, agents and all others acting on its behalf from any and all claims of liabilities for injuries or damages to my or participating minor child's person and/or property, including those caused by negligent acts or omission of any of those mentioned or others acting on their behalf arising out of or connected with my or minor child's participation in this activity, and I hereby agree to submit any and all claims to binding arbitration and abide by the judgment of that arbitration.

I fully understand that said minor child may injure themselves as a result of their participation in these activities and forever waive, release and discharge the “Company” from any liability now or in the future, including but not limited to muscle or ligament tears, strains, sprains, pulls , broken bones, dislocations, joint problems, shin splints, heat exhaustion, knee, back, hip or foot injuries, as well as the potential for heart attack, paralysis or death, however caused, occurring during or after my said minor child's participation in such activities.

I declare said minor child to be physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, infirmity or other illness that would prevent said minor child's participation in these activities. I understand that a medical examination to assure said child’s physical fitness is desirable and obtaining such examination is my own responsibility. I acknowledge that said minor child has had a physical examination and has been given my physician’s permission to participate in these activities or I have decided to allow said minor child to participate in these activities without the approval of my physician and do assume all responsibility for said minor child's participation in this activity. I fully understand that I am forever giving up, in advance, any right to sue or make a claim against the parties I am releasing, if said minor child suffers any injuries or damages, even though I do not know what or how extensive those injuries or damages might be. I am voluntarily assuming the risk of those injuries or damages.

I agree to allow Adeptile, Inc and its affiliates, the use of my and/or said minor child's name and likeness in connection with this activity, for any lawful related purpose in perpetuity in all forms of media, including photo, video or film, now and forever known. I understand that at such events or related activities, I and/or said minor children may be photographed or videographed. I assign Adeptile, Inc. the right and permission to use and sell any media including but not limited to photographs, videos, audio, promos that include me and/or said minor child during such activities.

In signing this release, I acknowledge and represent that I read the foregoing Waiver of Liability Form, understand it and sign it voluntarily as my own free act and deed and am not under any physical or emotional duress to sign. I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and fully competent. In case of emergency, I agree to allow the above parties to call for emergency medical assistance and I am aware that I am financially responsible to those medical services.